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Welcome to the homepage of TTT records, an independent record label established in 1994 and based in The Netherlands. The company is brought to life to promote, share and protect the music of Maurits Santen.

Maurits Santen is a singer/songwriter/recording-artist born in Heemstede, the Netherlands. He played in more or less legen-dary formations like Speed, the Red Hot Peppers, the Staccato Cousins, the Greyhounds and Cowboy Vinex.

TTT records and Maurits Santen made several albums together.

First off all there was his debut in 1994 with the CD “The Musical”.  This CD was recorded with a minimum of technical means but is still a pleasure to listen to. Songs like “Though your heart’s made of stone”, “The naked country” and “So they say” are still his favorites and performed whenever possible. “No Particular Place To Go” followed this album in 1996. It contains evergreens like “Tom Cruise” and “Country Heart” an ode to Gram Parsons, one of his major heroes.

In the year 2002 the album “Same Difference” saw the light. It doesn’t take a very professional ear to hear that the sound quality has improved since 1996, partly due to some investments. Furthermore it contains some delicious songs.  It starts of with “If You Come To Leave” a country-rock song, nowadays probably called Americana. “Another Blue December” is a beautiful tearjerker about loneliness during X-mas. “The Way You Walk On Ice”, “I Never Should Have..”, “Too Close To Call”, “Be Like You”  all songs Santen is still pleased with.

Under the artist name “Maus & Ing”, Santen released “Home Cookin’ “ in 2005.  It’s an album exclusively containing covers and duets with his wife Ingrid. What started out as just singing together for fun, finally resulted in a serious recording. In the end 12 songs are recorded; Everly Brothers, Gram Parsons and the Beach Boys, just to mention a few artists that served as an inspiration.

In 2008 “Tales Of The Fallen Angel” was released. Again this is a typical Santen album. With “Welcome To The Fallen Angel” the album opens with a Beatlesque short enthusiastic song, followed by more dramatic songs like “Whenever She Comes Home”  and “Fool Says”. “That Ain’t So” is a beautiful love song in the tradition of compositions like “So They Say”; see ''. 

In the same year a live-album was released. Santen has played a couple of times for Dutch national radio. These songs are a resume of those live performances. "Music Hall - Santen Live!" is the result.

Being in the process of finishing a brand new album with original material and which is hopefully due late 2015, Santen released late 2014 a second duet CD: “Home Cookin’ 2”.  Again a couple of duets (with his wife Ingrid) and some other covers like “Rose Of My Heart”, “God Only Knows”, "High Fashion Queen" and Buddy Miller’s     “Don’t Tell Me”.

All songs, except those on “Music Hall” were recorded and produced at Dolphin Studios for TTT records. All instruments (except when mentioned otherwise) were played by Maurits Santen.